About the Artist

songwriter - producer - lyricist

Morgan Wright, aka, Morgalily, is a professional singer, songwriter, and musician based out of Sacramento, CA. She loves writing for her solo indie music project, Morgalily, as well as writing and collaborating with other musicians and producers of many genres.

Whether it's writing a song, recording it, or producing it, Morgan is fueled by her passion for music creation. Her understanding of the nuances of songwriting and music production allows her to create without boundaries. Her music can be described as emotionally raw and often embodies a passionate and honest perspective. 

Morgan is well equipped with 

Associate of Arts degrees in the fields

of Commercial Music Business and Commercial Music Recording. 


In addition, she has several certifications in Music Promotion, Digital Audio Production and Recording, Songwriting, and more. Morgan graduated from American River

College in 2016.

If you're interested in working with Morgan or want to gain more information about her, please contact her directly at: